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Mulan Chinese Restaurant

Now Closed Opens in 9 Hours

The idea to create a high quality Chinese restaurant in Larnaca was conceived in the year 2000, an auspicious time in itself. After a long gestation period, the dream became a reality, first in the form of the restaurant Chinatown, and then in its final manifestation, Mulan.Mulan, established 2008, reflects the concept of a new China. Banished were the outmoded Western ideas of what a traditional Chinese restaurant should look like. The new creation would be cutting edge and contemporary. Beautiful design lines and shapes draw clients into a colourful world of style and panache. The interior invites the customer to participate in an ambience of reflective fine dining. The meal becomes an opportunity to indulge tastes for unique cuisine, shared with friends or family.


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Άρεως 1, 6016, Larnaca

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday

17:00 - 23:00